No matter what business you’re in, using the services of MASTERTAX could benefit your business.  MASTERTAX Financial Services Inc.  A Canadian Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services firm was founded by Rina Castro Mejia and husband Francisco Mejia in February 2011 in the North area of city of Toronto, Ontario.  We provide affordable services and solutions to small businesses, corporations, charities and individuals.

We are are proud of serving small businesses for is the engine of Canada’s Economy.  We are here to help, whether you’re are a Freelancer, Contractor or Star up, you need professional service, tax advise and support that fits your lifestyle, and our services are designed to help you add significant value to your business, and meet your goals and expectations. 

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Some would say it is the friendly approach and sincere commitment to help our clients.  Our dedication is making a difference and we have earned the respect and trust of our clients. Today, they keep referring us to their friends and families and yes, we welcome new clients and if you have any questions please call our office at Tel. 647-229-0343; We offer a ‘one-on-one’ confidential free consultation.