TAX AUDIT is the “examination of taxpayer’s BOOKS & RECORDS” to determine accurately the taxes payable under the law and during business audits, – the Canada Revenue Agency closely examines books and records such as Invoices, Receipts, Payments, Bank Accounts, Statements, etc. to make sure they fulfill their obligations.

Tax audit is the government’s way of double checking the tax filings made by Canadians “businesses and individuals” during the year, to make sure that the taxes were reported accurately and honestly and auditing help maintain public confidence in the fairness and integrity of Canada’s tax system.

Canada Revenue Agency is the federal agency responsible to administers tax laws for the Government of Canada and administers various social and economic benefit programs delivered through the tax system and they can request an audit any time on your GST/HST Returns, Personal Income Tax Returns, Business and Corporation Tax Returns, and Payroll Documentation.

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