Dealing with debt is difficult and very frustrating and we can help you get out of debt. – Today many Canadians have debts related to Credit Cards, Line of Credits, Car Loans, Mortgages or unpaid income taxes, Business GST / HST with Canada Revenue Agency.    First, we talk to you in private at our office and we take the time to do a complete financial analysis with you, and in some cases we can negotiate your debts directly with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or help you file a CONSUMER PROPOSAL with our associate Trustee and by doing so you will:

  • Reduce debt up to 70% without Bankruptcy,
  • Pay no interest and no penalties,
  • Eliminate debt in one low monthly payment,
  • You won’t lose your house or any assets,
  • Collection Calls & Garnishment stop immediately.

We realize that every case is different but we can help you and keep in mind when filing a consumer proposal, you can continue to pay your secured creditors ( such as mortgage loans or car loans ) without the additional stress of paying the full amount of your debts.  If you need help, or have any questions, please contact our office at Tel 647-229-0343.