Debt Solutions

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We are committed to helping you find the best solution for your debt problems.  Do you have unfiled tax returns? Has the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) created a tax debt for you without the proper information?  Relax we deal directly on your behalf with the Canada Revenue Agency.  We review your returns and we assist and properly file your returns and if necessary we offer A Consumer Proposal option which is now used by most consumers because, it will freeze the accumulating interest and allow you to make one monthly interest free payment to settle all of your debts and by doing so you will:

  • Reduce debt up to 70% without Bankruptcy
  • Pay no interest and no penalties
  • Eliminate debt in one low monthly payment
  • You won’t lose your house or any assets
  • Collection Calls & Garnishment stop immediately

We realize that every case is different but we can help you and keep in mind when filing a consumer proposal, you can continue to pay your secured creditors (such as mortgage loans or car loans) without the additional stress of paying the full amount of your debts.

Our services include :

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  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statements
  • Audit & Representation
  • Business Advisory
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Income Tax

  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Self Employed – Small Business Taxes
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Registered Charity Returns
  • Non – Profit Tax Returns
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W.S.I.B. Ontario

Male and Female Cartoon Engineers.H03.2k
  • Account Registration
  • Premium Reports
  • Representations
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Fast Food Restaurant.G10.2k
  • Sole Proprietorship & Partnership
  • Ontario Master Business License
  • GST/HST Account, W.S.I.B. Account
  • Import / Export , Payroll Account, etc.
  • Canada / Ontario Corporations
  • Legal Seal / Corporation Kits
  • Registered Charities, Non -profits, etc.
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Debt Solutions

Golden Money.H03.2k
  • Unpaid Income Taxes
  • Bank Loans
  • Collection Agency
  • Bankruptcy / Proposals
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Simple House.H03.2k
  • First time Home Purchase
  • 2nd Mortgage Loans
  • Home Refinancing
  • Home Renovations Financing
  • Equity Line of Credit
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